Customer Experience Consultant, Author and Speaker

My mission is simple: to inspire, educate and build capability to empower customer-centric growth. I am a customer experience consultant, author and speaker. My passion is connecting customer and culture to empower customer centricity.

My customer experience consulting, journey mapping workshops and professional speaking is designed to help foster a culture of customer centricity, build customer experience capability and create experiences that enhance value and distinctively differentiate.

Most business leaders I speak with feel challenged by rapid shifts in consumer behaviour, digitization of services and global competition – foremost on their minds is perfecting the customer experience to drive customer growth.

For businesses to remain competitive, a whole of company customer mindset is needed – where customers are at the centre of decision-making and part of the organisations culture to create frictionless experiences that promote loyalty and customer advocacy.

Powerful, inspiring and actionable are the words used to describe my conference keynotes and seminar presentations.

With over 20 years’ experience in customer-led growth, my expertise stretches across B2B & B2C and includes work in the finance, retail, health, communications and not-for-profit sectors.

My customer-centric approach to solving customer growth challenges has helped businesses of all sizes facilitate transformation of culture, services and marketing to deliver superior business performance.


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