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Critical to CX success is connecting customer and culture. Customer empathy is the glue that delivers customer-centric stickiness.

This new enterprise diagnostic tool is designed to help business leaders evaluate their organisation's customer empathy, uncover customer-centric strengths and weaknesses and identify gaps and opportunities.

For a limited time, the diagnostic tool is available to individual business leaders for a FREE TRIAL.

~ Less than 15 minutes ~ 40 multiple choice questions ~ Result snapshot and personalised report ~ Free trial - no strings attached

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Discover the New Way

Complex customer problems negatively impact customer retention, loyalty and growth. Discover your organisation's customer empathy ratings across the 5 drivers of customer centricity to positively impact your CX performance.

~ Evaluates customer empathy in CX practices ~ Uncovers strengths and weaknesses ~ Identifies gaps & opportunities for improvement


How the Diagnostic Tool works

1. Complete the online assessment - less than 15 minutes. 2. See a snapshot of your ratings immediately on the dashboard. 3. Review the personalised report showing your organisation’s customer empathy ratings across the drivers of customer centricity, the gaps and opportunities for improvement and how to positively impact your CX performance.

~ 40 questions - less than 15 minutes ~ Result snapshot and 20 page personalised report ~ Free trial - no strings attached


“Alex's client experience program created lots of ripples that created waves of transformation - deep understanding coupled with rich insights that we could operationalise.” – Chief Customer Officer, global SAAS provider


Connecting Customer and Culture to Empower Customer-Centric Growth

Customer empathy is a powerful human resource that creates more meaningful customer connection, aligns and unites teams and enriches problem solving and decision making to benefit your customers, employees and the business.

Customer empathy is our signature customer experience management and design method that connects customer and culture to empower customer-centric growth. Empathy enables leaders and employee teams to see the customer’s world differently; putting customers’ needs at the centre of their thinking, problem solving and decision making.

Our CX consulting method uses customer-centric frameworks and tools to switch on and scale customer empathy to deeply understand your customers’ truths, the painful moments and interaction gaps across their journeys and the unrealised opportunities for signature experiences.

Unlike other approaches, our signature method humanises CX management and design practices; delivering rich, evidence-based insights and providing opportunities to enhance customer value, create differentiated experiences and empower customer-centric growth.

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My signature method is being utilised by organisational leaders in the healthcare, insurance, technology, tourism, retail and non-profit sectors to make a difference in their customers’ lives, enhance employee experience and drive business performance.

Our customer-centric method is helping organisations in the healthcare, insurance, technology, tourism, retail and non-profit sectors by:

  • Deepening customer understanding using customer journey frameworks and service blueprints to identify customer pain, service gaps, insights and opportunities.
  • Helping leaders and employee teams to customer perspective-take to enrich their problem solving and decision making.
  • Developing the customer vision and experience principles that inspire, unite and guide organisational behaviour.
  • Establishing governance and CX working groups to work together for sustainable customer experience change.
  • Evidence based prioritisation of resources and effort to positively impact customer experience improvement.
  • Co-creating signature experiences to deliver customer experience excellence.
  • Utilising customer empathy nudges to nurture customer-centric behaviour.
  • Building customer-centric skills and capabilities to future proof your organisation.

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Helping leaders connect customer and culture to empower customer-centric growth


“Alex was fantastic at connecting our customer journey insights to our culture development, demonstrating how we can collaborate as one team to be a truly customer centric organisation.” – Chief Experience Officer, Australia’s fastest growing tourism group