Customer Experience Consulting

Educate and Inspire Customer-Centric Action

To build an aligned, customer-centric culture that provides superior customer value, we work with you to develop education sessions to help your business teams understand customer experience and the role they play in making experiences better for customers.

Workshops focus on the building blocks of customer experience practice with emphasis on how customer-centric decision-making through connection, communication and co-creation delivers great customer experiences.

Evaluate Employee Customer-Centricity

In this the next stage we evaluate and benchmark your organisational culture for customer-centric performance.

Our quantitative diagnostic tool helps you understand your current employee mindset to unify focus and communicate priorities for developing a customer-centric culture.

The reporting also shows how your company rates compared to global organisations including: Amazon, Apple, Starbucks, Virgin, PWC, Konica Minolta, Telstra and Westpac.

Identify Current and Future Customer Needs

Using customer interviews we empathy map and map customer journeys such as path-to-purchase, onboarding, call center, delivery etc. to deeply understand the WHY of customer behaviour.

Mapping using qualitative customer data identifies your customers’ unmet needs, painpoints, service gaps and the critical interaction opportunities that impede or elevate business growth.

Develop the Customer Experience Strategy

Next we develop a customer experience strategy that provides the business with an end-to-end blueprint to understand the customer experience priorities that need to be addressed from the customer’s perspective.

In this stage we then undertake feasibility analysis to inform the economic justification for the proposed innovation of experiences.

Design the Future State Customer Experience

Our customer innovation labs incorporate active customer participation in the Design phase of creating new experiences.

The workshops use design thinking to ideate and prototype new sources of customer value across digital and physical touchpoints, processes and services.

“Alex’s strategy for problem solving begins with taking the business challenge, formulating a hypothesis around it and conducting focus groups using qualitative, behavioural or observational data analysis to understand exactly what the customer problems are. Alex’s emphasis on solving customers’ problems is obviously a huge benefit, and aids in long term, sustainable growth. ”

– L J Hooker Real Estate