Customer Empathy Scorecard
Evaluates empathy in your leadership
and delivers a key performance measure

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~ Benchmark against the
5 customer-centric competencies

Customer empathy helps organisations put their customers’ needs at the centre of their leadership, strategy and operations - so customers become the point of reference for creating value.

~ Analyses the customer culture
maturity, strengths and weaknesses

Customer empathy is critical in developing a customer-centric culture. The Customer Empathy Scorecard will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses against the 5 drivers of customer centricity.

~ Discover your score in less than 10 minutes...
40 multi-choice questions to enhance
your CX leadership

example of personalised scorecard reporting


Customer Experience Management Performance

Discover your organisation's customer empathy ratings across the 5 drivers of customer centricity to positively impact your CX performance.

~ What is your
customer connection rating?

~ How do you rank for
customer experience clarity?

~ Is your CX collaboration
score strong or weak?


How the Customer Empathy Scorecard Works

1. Complete the online assessment - less than 15 minutes.

2. See a snapshot of your ratings immediately on the scorecard dashboard.

3. Review the personalised report showing your organisation’s customer empathy ratings across the drivers of customer centricity, the gaps and opportunities for improvement and how to positively impact your CX performance.

~ 40 questions - less than 15 minutes
~ Result snapshot and 20 page personalised report
~ No strings attached


“Alex's client experience program created lots of ripples that created waves of transformation - deep understanding coupled with rich insights that we could operationalise.”
– Chief Customer Officer, global SAAS provider


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“Alex was fantastic at connecting our customer journey insights to our culture development, demonstrating how we can collaborate as one team to be a truly customer centric organisation.”
– Chief Experience Officer, Australia’s fastest growing tourism group