Workshops that Develop Customer Experience Capability

My Customer Experience Workshops are highly effective in developing your team’s capability in how to start and deliver customer experience transformation.

The Workshops build team knowledge, skills and confidence with the right CX tools to help put the customer at the centre of your business’s decision making.

Based on your business needs, I will partner with you to design a customised half-day to 2-day workshop to deliver an inspiring learning experience for your team.

Included in your CX Workshop is a customer-centric evaluation of your company’s culture and a post workshop consultation to guide the process and overcome roadblocks.

Customer Experience Workshop suggestions:
• Understanding the building blocks of a customer-centric culture
• How to create a customer empathy map
• How to develop a compelling customer vision & promise
• How to identify and map your customer journeys
• How to bring your customer to life across the business

“A huge thanks to Alex Allwood and her team for their patience and valuable customer experience method in the launch of our new tech brand Ntuity. Their dedication to understanding our customer needs and the customer journey and using these insights to design a new digital experience has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on business growth and shift in our team mindset from product-centred to customer-centric. I look forward to expanding on our partnership into the future.”

– Ntuity