Customer Journey Mapping Consultant Services
Understand What Customers Are Thinking, Doing & Feeling

Customer Journey Mapping Specialist

I am a customer journey mapping specialist. Essentially, my consulting services help organisations deeply understand what their customers are thinking, doing and feeling at each stage, step and interaction of the customers' journey. For my clients, mapping their customer journey is a 'light-goes-on moment'. They say, "Now we understand", "Now we get what's happening". That's because, customer journey mapping is a powerful tool for making sense of your customers' experience.

Consulting Service Engagements

Clients engage my consulting services to understand and solve systemic, challenging and complex customer experience problems that are stifling growth. I've built both B2B and B2C customer journey maps and service blueprints for organisations in the Public Transport, Insurance, Technology, Professional Services, Tourism and Building and Construction sectors and more.

Investigating the Customer Problem

My approach is grounded in human-centred design and uses empathy to deeply understand the problem-at-hand from the customer/employee point-of-view. The approach uses qualitative research using contextual enquiry, customer and employee in-depth interviews and stakeholder workshops to deep-dive into their experience context, thoughts, behaviours and emotions throughout their journeys.

Mapping the Customer Journey

The process of mapping the customer journey includes the construction of the journey map architecture where the research data is synthesised by journey stages, steps, goals, digital and physical touchpoints and interactions, and what customers are thinking, doing and feeling. The next phase of the process is building the journey map which includes the customer emotion mapping. See below for my Customer Journey Mapping example.

Customer Journey Analysis

My customer journey mapping consultant services include the analysis of customer journey data. This delivers insight into the customers' unmet needs, painpoints, service gaps, hand-offs emotions, truths and opportunities. This evidence-based approach is the foundation for developing the customer experience strategy, prioritisation roadmap and the design of services, technology, policy, processes and ways of working to solve challenging and complex customer experience problems.


What is Customer Journey Mapping?

A customer’s experience represents the total of their physical, digital, human and non-human interactions with an organisation. Depending on the sector, this may include a pre-purchase stage, researching and shopping around, purchasing and delivery, using the product or service, upgrading, ongoing service relationship and repurchase or renewal stages.

Customer Journey Mapping Process

Mapping the customer journey is the process of customer listening and observing to understand their perspective of the experience. Analysis of this data provides insight into the customers' unmet needs, painpoints, service gaps, hand-offs, emotions, truths and opportunities. These insights are then visualised using mapping to bring meaning and understanding to what customers are thinking, doing and feeling during their interactions across each phase, stage, step and digital and physical touchpoints of their journey.

Customer Journey Alignment

Customer journey maps provide a visual narrative of the customers’ story; their experience. Maps provide clarity, meaning and understanding; communicating visually how customers are feeling about their experience; their highs and lows, frustrations and pains, moments-of-truth and opportunities. Telling the customer story visually helps, for example, employee teams understand their role in the customer journey, the complexity of navigating this journey and which journey stages are breaking down etc. Importantly, the customer journey map has the power to shift organisational focus from improvements on single touchpoints or siloed efforts to cross-functional journey alignment on customer experience problem-solving.

Strategy & Prioritisation Road Map

Customer journey maps provide evidence of the experience from the customers' perspective. Customer journey maps are used to visualise functional behaviours, emotional responses and customer data that demonstrate systemic, challenging and complex customer experience problems which are stifling growth. Journey maps are utilised in developing the customer experience strategy, roadmap and prioritisation of investment and resources, to align teams and embed a culture of customer-centric behaviours.

Customer Journey Mapping Example
Specialist in Journey Mapping 'Digital and Physical' Experiences

The customer journey mapping example below shows a horizontal section of an eight-stage B2B client journey. The customer journey mapping process used contextual enquiry method to understand the experience from the client's perspective. In the next phase of the mapping process, journey architecture, emotion mapping and the mapping build were undertaken. In the final phase, the journey analysis identified the clients' unmet needs, emotions, service gaps, pain points, workarounds, moments-of-truth, handoff's failpoints and opportunity insights.
Note: This customer journey mapping example has been de-identified.

"Alex was fantastic at connecting our customer journey insights to our culture development, demonstrating how we can collaborate as one team to be a truly customer centric organisation." – Chief Experience Officer, Australia’s fastest growing tourism group