Feel the Power of Customer Empathy
at Your Next Conference, Seminar or Event

‘Very charismatic delivery … Clearly very knowledgeable and skilled in the space …
Enjoyed the customer stories shared.’
– Andrew Fraser, Executive Producer, Academy Award nominated, box office hit LION

A visionary thought leader, customer experience strategist and two-time author, Alex Allwood has published a new book for 2020, Customer Empathy: A radical intervention in customer experience management and design.

‘Connects with the audience beautifully and builds empathy.’
– Rebecca Tapp

Conferences and Seminars

As a leading authority on customer experience (CX), my aim is to inspire audiences to ‘feel with their customers’, understanding the customer’s experience from their perspective. This is the power of customer empathy.

Utilising my dynamic ‘learn-by-doing’ technique, enables audience members to switch on customer empathy; helping them to step into another person’s world and walk in their shoes.

My technique uses customer empathy nudges, small and subtle prompts that inspire change, to get audiences involved in feeling and understanding customer experiences from a different point of view.

As a master storyteller, I layer 20 years of insight, social commentary and case studies to deliver a powerful message that’s perfect for strengthening customer experience in Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) and Non-Profit organisations.

Each speaking engagement is individually tailored for small or large audiences to ensure event messaging connects with your leadership and employee teams.

Speaking engagements include professional speaking at conferences, keynote presentations, business seminars, webinars and events that are described as ‘powerful, inspiring and actionable’.

‘Poignant opening … Good storytelling.’
– Jon Yeo, TEDx Melbourne

‘Great learnings Alex Allwood’
– Arnaud Picard, JCurve Solutions

Events and Panels

As a customer experience subject matter expert I’m asked to speak and facilitate at business seminars and retreats, moderate panels and give expert opinion.

I have spoken at events for executive leadership teams through to larger teams of 100 plus employees.

My presentations range from keynote speeches and 3-hour mini-workshops, to full day workshops and panel events. I work with organisers to deliver an inspiring session filled with content-rich stories and case studies to deliver an emotionally charged session.

‘You are awesome explaining complex scenarios with simple examples. Love it.’
– Kam R, PageUp
‘Really enjoyed your talk on Friday. Thanks for the inspiration and much needed re-focus!’
– David Sim, Health.com.au