Customer Experience Consultant
with Specialist Services in Customer Journey Mapping

Empowering Customer-Centric Growth

I am All Work Together's founder and principal customer experience consultant. Driven by empowering customer-centric growth I help both B2B & B2C organisations solve challenging and complex customer experience problems.

Customer Journey Mapping Consultant Services

As a practising customer experience consultant, I have deep domain expertise in 'digital and physical' customer journey mapping and service blueprinting; constructing the journey map architecture, building the journey maps and emotion maps, analysis of root causes to understand customers' unmet needs, painpoints, emotions, truths and opportunities, and the development of the customer journey insights.


Customer Experience Consultant Services

I'm known for my customer-centric approach of connecting customer and culture to put customer needs at the centre of leadership, strategy and operations.
Customer Experience Consultant Services Deliver:
~ Deep understanding of your customers' needs, goals and expectations
~ Evidence-based approach to prioritisation and decision-making
~ Customer-centric alignment across leaders and teams
~ Artefacts such as customer journey maps and future-state maps, personas, user stories and stakeholder maps, service blueprints, process and workflow mapping etc.
~ Strategy and planning roadmap to prioritise continuous improvement and change management
~ Co-design workshops and applied service design principles in developing solutions

'Alex was fantastic at connecting our customer journey insights to our culture development,
demonstrating how we can collaborate as one team to be a truly customer-centric organisation.'
– Chief Experience Officer, Australia's fastest growing tourism group

Developing Customer-Centric Leadership Capability

Purposeful customer-centric leaders need customer experience skills coupled with EQ (emotional intelligence). The customer-centric leadership workshops apply a human-centred approach to developing capability. The aim is to help leaders, help themselves in shaping how they think, act and communicate in developing customer-centric leadership capability. In a workshop setting and using my signature ‘Learn-by-Doing’ technique, we’ll...

‘Very usable mapping process that I can take back into my workplace.’
– Healthshare NSW

Customer Empathy Scorecard

Customer empathy helps organisations put their customers’ needs at the centre of their leadership, strategy and operations - so customers become the point of reference for creating value. The All Work Together Customer Empathy Scorecard will help you evaluate your customer empathy strengths and weaknesses, and identify gaps and opportunities against the 5 drivers of customer centricity.
~ Less than 15 minutes
~ 40 multiple choice questions
~ Result snapshot and personalised report
~ No strings attached


Keynote Speaker - Customer Experience

As a two-time author and leading authority on customer experience, I'm regularly invited to deliver the keynote speech at conferences and seminars across Australia. Topics include: Switching On and Scaling Customer Empathy, Empowered Customer-Centric Leadership, Fostering a Customer-Centric Culture to Drive Growth and The Future of Customer Experience.

'Poignant opening ... Good storytelling.'
- Jon Yeo, TEDx Melbourne


Book Reviews: Customer Empathy - A radical intervention in customer experience management and design

  • Reader Review #20 "Customer Empathy could not have come at a better time as we work through the COVID-19 crisis and try to manage the experiences of our employees, customers, community, and family.  An easy to read and practical book that clearly helps you understand what being Empathetic looks like and how to 'turn it on' in your organization. Excellent breadth of research and references provides further value and the opportunity to dig deeper into the skill that will help organizations meet their customer needs and differentiate themselves during this crisis." - Anita Siassios, Managing Director 
  • Reader Review #15
  • Reader Review #3
    “A profound concept, simply and succinctly communicated. Don’t be limited by the title - this is a book that should be read and adopted as a manifesto by anyone who wants to connect with and serve others in a meaningful way.” - Sarah Pennell, General Manager
  • Reader Review #16
    "Many of us talk about how to improve the customer experience – Alex Allwood and this joyful yellow book cover and its contents actually live the customer experience - by understanding empathy. Seeing, listening and feeling - if there was ever a time when you needed this book in your back pocket - I reckon it's about now. Evidence, storytelling, and practical advice." Amanda Jones – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Reader Review #10
    "Alex Allwood guides you through more meaningful approaches and unlocks one of the strongest methods for impacting customer experiences - empathy. Check it out." - Anton Buchner, Marketing Advisor
  • Reader Review #9
    "Alex Allwood makes a fresh and compelling case for businesses to drill deeper when it comes to understanding their customers’ experience.’
    Through a blend of fascinating anecdotes, rigorous research and original insights, Alex Allwood makes a fresh and compelling case for businesses to drill deeper when it comes to understanding their customers’ experience.
    Because beyond the data, knowledge of what customers are actually feeling is hugely illuminating – and it’s this that will guide better decision-making and business practices.
    'Customer Empathy' demonstrates that the benefits of this approach are manifold. Customers feel more understood and valued. Employees feel their work is more meaningful and satisfying. And businesses and the people who lead them can get greater clarity around purpose.
    I also enjoyed that the book not only made the case for 'why' customer empathy matters, but it also supplied an extensive list of tools and resources business leaders can use to strengthen their organisation’s customer empathy capability – so the 'how' was covered well too.
    In short, 'Customer Empathy' is a highly enjoyable read that delivers powerful insights for anyone who wants to build a better business.” - Anne Farrell, Head of Marketing
  • Reader Review #19
    "A must read for all who participate in designing customer experiences and interested in nailing it. Digestible, well researched and timely, Customer Empathy delivers a valuable lens for marketing and management teams by expanding on the value of empathy, that need not stop with the customer experience. Highly recommend this book. Again - I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's one of those books that make you feel like going back to start as soon as you've finished!" - Tess Kennedy, Senior Marketing Manager
  • Reader Review #8
    “A well researched and easy read. Quickly calls out why many organisations are missing the mark when it comes to executing their customer strategy. Alex provides the key as to why this is the case along with implementable solutions. I recommend to all leaders seeking to understand their customers’ experiences and improve outcomes for customers, employees and shareholders.” - Greg Merriman, Business Owner
  • Reader Review #7
    "A terrific book! I highly recommend it to anyone in the field of customer experience, customer service and beyond." - Neil Davey, Managing Editor
  • Reader Review #5
    “Alex opened my eyes to a new perspective on how we should view the customer experience and more importantly our relationship and the impact. This is worth the read, challenging, informative and with a great road map for next steps.” - Bette McIntyre, GM Organisational Effectiveness

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