Empowering Leaders and Teams to
Switch On and Scale Customer Empathy

About Alex Allwood

Customer Experience Consulting

I am the founder and Principal Consultant, Customer Experience Strategy at the management consulting firm, All Work Together. Customer Empathy is my signature customer experience management and design method that connects customer and culture to enhance value and empower customer-centric growth.

I work with organisations in the financial services, healthcare, insurance, technology, professional services, tourism, retail and non-profit sectors. Utilising customer-centric frameworks and tools to switch on and scale Customer Empathy, my signature method creates more meaningful customer connection, aligns and unites teams and enriches problem solving and decision making to benefit customers, employees and the business.

With a 20+ year track record in leadership, marketing and operations, I utilise my signature Customer Empathy method to develop customer experience strategy: active customer listening and storytelling, journey and service blueprint management frameworks, customer insight synthesis and future state opportunities, customer vision and experience principles, cross-functional governance and working groups, customer experience goals and prioritisation of resources and CX training and development.

In addition to my consulting, I’ve authored two books, my latest published in 2019, Customer Empathy: A radical intervention in customer experience management and design. I facilitate customer experience training workshops and regularly speak and write on customer-centric transformation.

‘Alex was fantastic at connecting our customer journey insights to our culture development, demonstrating how we can collaborate as one team to be a truly customer-centric organisation.’
– Chief Experience Officer, Australia’s fastest growing tourism group

Customer Experience Keynote Speaker

As a two time author and leading authority on customer experience, I’m regularly invited to be the keynote speaker at conferences and seminars across Australia. Topics include: Switching On and Scaling Customer Empathy, Empowered Customer-Centric Leadership, Fostering a Customer-Centric Culture to Drive Growth and The Future of Customer Experience.

‘Poignant opening … Good storytelling.’ – Jon Yeo, TEDx Melbourne


Customer Experience Training

My customer experience training workshops are highly effective in developing and strengthening customer empathy skills to improve CX capabilities. Workshops include: Empathy Mapping, Customer Experience Mapping, Customer Journey Mapping, Service Blueprinting and Design Thinking. Workshops help executives and employees alike build the skills and confidence to apply a customer-centric mindset and the frameworks, tools and methods back into their day-to-day work.

‘Very usable mapping process that I can take back into my workplace.’
– Healthshare NSW


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