Leadership Workshops
Leading for Purposeful and Effective Change

Leadership Workshops

To be effective in managing challenging and complex customer experience change, today’s leader needs two specific types of capabilities and attributes to achieve purposeful and impactful change that empowers customer-centric growth.

Developing Career Skills and Capabilities

Many leaders will have undertaken degrees and courses in establishing and furthering their careers. They will most likely be a subject matter expert in their field and an accomplished professional in their chosen discipline.

More than ever leaders today need a new skill set to influence behaviour change in their team and cross-functionally. Motivating and influencing attitudes and behaviours to accomplish alignment with their organisation’s customer experience strategy and goals.

Future-Facing Leadership

To be effective in customer experience transformation, leaders need customer-centric skills and capabilities to balance their strategic skills with human skills. Customer centricity puts customers at the centre of organisations thinking, problem-solving and decision-making. An effective customer-centric leader connects customer and culture to put customer needs at the centre of leadership, strategy and operations.

The human skills needed to influence change to support organisational-wide customer-centric thinking and doing are steeped in Emotional Intelligence (EQ): the ability to understand and influence your own and others’ emotions.

For example, higher emotional intelligence enables leaders to be effective in self-awareness and regulation. Higher EQ also supports customer experience change efforts such as uniting teams, empowering others, understanding different perspectives, being influential, being a great communicator etc. Essential human skills that are the foundation for a purposeful and effective customer-centric leader.

Leading for Purposeful and Effective Change

For over 10 years I have worked closely with executive leadership teams, division and department leaders and line managers to develop their customer-centric skills to support their organisational customer experience goals.

My Customer-Centric Leadership Workshops help leaders across the business upskill to lead people for effective and positive change; how they work together, solve complex customer experience problems and deliver products and services that meet and exceed their customers’ needs, goals and expectations.

Your Workshop Experience

The workshop design is based on your organisation’s objectives and desired outcomes. My signature Learn-by-Doing method is experiential, interactive and collaborative to support participants in imaginative ways of understanding and learning new skills.

Workshop activities are supported by 10+ years of in-field stories and case studies, learnings and anecdotes and inspiring empowering customer-centric growth.

My leadership workshops are ideal for corporates and teams with the aim of building capability and confidence to enable leadership development and growth.


Here’s more on what participants are saying about Alex’s workshops:

‘Great feedback from my team members, thanks Alex.’
– Department of Education
‘Really well set out – the most well organised training session I’ve ever attended.’
– Gallagher Insurance
‘Great hands on facilitation for participants.’
– World Vision
‘Very usable mapping process that I can take back into my workplace.’
– Healthshare NSW
‘Super effective! A great introduction to customer journey mapping. I’m keen to do more.’
– EML Mutual