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Signature Customer-Centric Growth Method
Connect, unite and align to enhance value and drive growth

I’m recognised for connecting customer and culture to put customer needs at the centre of leadership, strategy and operations – so customers become the point of reference for creating value.

Typically I encounter the following problems which stifle an organisation’s efforts to deliver customer experience (CX) excellence:

  • Low shared understanding of customers’ needs, goals and expectations
  • A lack of customer insights for evidence-based problem solving
  • An absence of a CX strategy to effectively navigate change
  • A CX program stalled from competing business priorities
  • Failure to align cross-functional teams to work together

My customer-centric method delivers the framework for creating cultural change and is delivered through deep customer understanding and actionable insight, customer vision, principals and strategy, and uniting and aligning teams to work together to solve customer experience problems.

My Customer-Centric Signature Method is being utilised by organisational leaders in the healthcare, insurance, technology, tourism, retail and non-profit sectors to make a difference in their customers’ lives, to enhance customer value, differentiate offerings and drive growth.

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Customer Experience Management
Consulting Services


~ CX journey analysis and insights
~ Stakeholder in-depth interviews
~ Need state persona profiles
~ Customer emotion mapping
~ Customer journey mapping
~ Future state journey mapping
~ Service blueprinting
~ CX insights & opportunities


~ CX vision
~ CX guiding principles
~ CX goals aligned with business goals
~ CX road map for work prioritisation
~ CX governance
~ VOC metrics
~ Customer value propositions
~ CX communications program


~ Ideation workshops
~ Co-creation workshops
~ CX prototyping workshops

Evolving Customer Experience Journeys

The world as we know it is changing. Our customers are living, working and socialising in different ways. Along with this comes a new set of customer needs, new problems customers are wanting to solve and changing CX expectations.

It’s easy to make the mistake of assuming that your customers’ experiences are the same as yours. Or, in developing your strategy using outdated customer data that’s based on old needs and expectations. Or worse still, relying on anecdotal feedback or CX scores alone.

These mistakes come at a high cost; a marketing or CX strategy that fails to deliver new opportunities, products and services that meet customer expectations and the delivery of relevant experiences that matter most to customers, to name just a few.

Unlocking New Opportunities

Identifying your customers’ new and unmet needs is the key to unlocking new opportunities for growth. Their needs, problems and expectations are being shaped by a changing work-life, home-life and lifestyle.

In building for growth, Marketing Leaders, CMO’s, CXO’s and CCO’s face a many challenges. Changing CX expectations, a highly commoditised market, decreasing loyalty and organic growth and in the race to digitise brand touchpoints, experiences that feel that same.

The key to unlocking opportunities is understanding your customers’ evolving customer experience journey. Opportunities that are contextually relevant and provide future-facing possibilities to create new value, differentiation and build growth.

Understand and Manage Evolving
Customer Experience Journeys


Customers are adapting to new ways of living, working and socialising. Their CX expectations are rapidly changing. We start by taking a deep-dive  into their world. Using Listen-Learn we discover their new context, problems, unmet needs and changing expectations to understand what matters most in their experiences with your brand.


Step into your customers’ world. Understand their mindset, goals, gaps and influences in their customer journey with your organisation. Utilising visual tools, rapidly engage and align employee teams with a new-world perspective to get cross-functional teams on the same page and working together to respond quickly.


Unlock new opportunities to quickly anticipate what your customers need next. Provide teams with clarity and certainly utilising contextually relevant customer journey insights for ‘customer needs-based’ problem solving and decision making to deliver new value, competitive differentiation and build growth.

Understand and Manage Evolving
Customer Experience Journeys


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