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'Really enjoyed the MASTERCLASS: Using Customer Empathy to Unlock Customer-Centric Growth with Alex Allwood. In these changing times, it’s more important than ever to listen to customers with empathy and respond accordingly. Thank you Alex, I highly recommend this session.' - Carla A.

Challenges Facing CX & Marketing Leaders

Changing Customer Behaviour

  • Customers are adjusting to new ways of living, working and socialising
  • Customers have changing behaviours and evolving journeys
  • Customer expectations continue to rapidly change, leading to a widening competitive advantage gap

Stifling Customer Centricity

  • Lack of customer perspective in thinking, problem solving and decision making
  • Low shared understanding of customers’ needs, goals and expectations
  • Failure to align cross-functional teams to work together
  • An absence of CX strategy to navigate operational change and lack of CX vision to inspire and galvanise


How to Use Customer Empathy to Unlock Customer-Centric Growth

You'll Learn How To

  • Use the 3 core skills of customer empathy to understand WHY
  • Use empathy to understand your customers' world; their needs, goals and expectations
  • Use customer journey management to prioritise and operationalise moments that matter
  • Unlock new opportunities to pivot your Marketing or CX strategy

In-depth Discussion On

  • What is perpetuating the customer empathy gap?
  • Are you leading with empathy and who are the leaders that are showing the way?
  • How to unite and align your teams with a customer perspective to get everyone working together quickly
  • What does empathy at work look like? I'll use case studies and stories from the field

'Really enjoyed your talk on Friday. Thanks for the inspiration and much needed re-focus!' - David S.


MASTERCLASS presented by Alex Allwood How to Use Customer Empathy to Unlock Customer-Centric Growth

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