Customer-Centric #GrowthHack – How to Find Customer Painpoints?

Alex Allwood Customer Experience

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Imagine for a moment that you’re a customer, now image that you’re purchasing a product or service and you’re asked to pay a transaction fee for spending under $10 or to use your credit card to purchase. Feeling annoyed?

This was the scenario I experienced last week when a cafe tried to charge me a double fee for spending under $10 and using credit card ‘tap and pay’ for my morning coffee. The feeling I experienced – frustration!

Because I’m time poor, purchasing my coffee with a credit card is quick and easy; it takes-away the time and effort of withdrawing cash from an ATM. Charging me a fee for the convenience negatively impacts my experience; to my mind, this is part of the product offering.

The universal truth is that customers today expect quick and easy convenience. As customers seek more convenience their expectations increase; these expectations then become the new norm and this informs new purchasing behavior.

My #GrowthHack to help identify customer painpoints is the process known as customer journey mapping. The process is a contextual inquiry into the customer interactions that are causing frustration. Using qualitative customer research, the process identifies customer painpoints and how they feel about their dealings with your company.

However, many businesses undertake assumptive journey mapping only, believing that their business perspective and lens on the customer is valuable enough to reflect actual customer behaviour.

Essential in the process is capturing the customer’s viewpoint, their needs, what they value and their emotions; it is only their point of view that delivers the ahh-haa moments and insights that create real customer value and a differentiated experience that drives customer-centric growth.

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