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Customer Experience News 109: Agile Leadership, Airbnb, Smashing Silos & Digital CX

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#GrowthHack: Agile Customer Doing (1-2min)
In this week’s growth hack, Alex Allwood writes on the importance of leadership in articulating and achieving customer goals in the First 100 Days of a CX program.

How Airbnb Disrupted Itself (2min)
Despite phenomenal early success Airbnb decided in 2011 to utilise customer journey mapping and design thinking to change its entire product strategy. In this Forbes interview, Rebecca Sinclair, then Head of User Experience Research and Design at Airbnb explains how the process worked.

Smashing Silos for CX Success (3-4min)
One of the keys to delivering a successful customer experience program is cross functional alignment. This article highlights the importance of Experience Champions and Experience Owners in curing ‘Silo Syndrome’ and creating seamless,customer interactions across your business.

Transforming the Digital Journey (2-3min)
Camp Australia’s CMO Tom Dusseldorp explains how the 30-year old bricks and mortar after school care business is transforming its digital customer journey to deliver improved experiences for parents and children.