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Customer Experience News 111: C-Suite Mistakes, Amazon, Customer Retention & Telco’s

Alex Allwood Customer Centric, Customer Experience, Customer Experience News

C-Suite Loses Customer Focus (2min)
In this short video on LinkedIn, legendary American entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and former Home Depot CEO Frank Blake discuss the biggest mistake C-suite executives are making and how businesses that become great by focusing on customer often lose their way and allow more innovative, customer-centric companies to win.

Customer-Centric Lessons from an Amazon Insider (2min)
Writing for, senior tech exec Jeff Somers shares some of the key customer experience lessons he learned during his time at Amazon and gives his top three tips for creating a customer-centric business.

Retention vs Loyalty (2min)
Customer retention expert Richard Shapiro argues that companies often confuse customer loyalty with retention and that repeat business from highly engaged and satisfied customers is the key to driving value.

In the News (3-4min)
Something that impacts us all – a new research report released this week by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) ranks the current customer service experience provided by 10 of our top telco’s.