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Customer Experience News 138: Journey Mapping, Transformation, Retention and McKinsey

Alex Allwood ALEX ALLWOOD, Customer Experience News, Customer Journey Mapping, CX Insight

CX Insight – Rediscover the Power of Customer Journey Mapping (1min)
Alex Allwood shares her CX insight on how customer journey mapping can be utilised as a management framework to reduce the complexities of siloed business goals, unify teams and help to deliver change at scale.

How Customer Focus Saved Best Buy (2-3min)
Hubert Joly, CEO of US tech retailer Best Buy, shares the company’s seven-year transformation story and how it successfully countered the impact of Amazon by putting customers at the centre of its new look business.

Top 10 Customer Retention Pitfalls (2min)
Based on first-hand experience working with leading recurring revenue businesses, the author of this article outlines the ten most common customer retention pitfalls and how to avoid them.

McKinsey on Scaling a Design-Focused Business (1-2min)
From the Fortune 2019 Brainstorm Design conference a panel of design experts from McKinsey discussed quantifying the business value of design and how to successfully integrate designers and design thinking into organisations at scale.