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Customer Experience News 182: CX Folk Report, Brand Marketing in the Crisis Economy, Proving CX Business Value & COVID-19 in Perspective

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CX Folk Learnings (3min)
How quickly things change! The second CX Folk Sydney meetup was forced indoors and online last week, with authors Alex Allwood (Customer Empathy), Jason Bradshaw (It’s All About CEX!) and Jaquie Scammell (Service Habits) discussing ‘Leading CX in a Changing World’ and answering questions from the Zoom audience.

Brand Marketing in the Crisis Economy (2-3min)
With the Coronavirus rapidly reshaping customer attitudes and behaviours, this timely article from HBR details five key actions marketers can take to ensure their brands continue to serve and grow their customer base, mitigate risk, care for their people and prepare for life beyond the current crisis.

How to Prove the Business Value of CX (4-5min)
CustomerThink interviews seven global CX experts to get their views on making the business case for customer experience initiatives – an even more critical requirement for CX professionals in the downturn created by COVID-19. We endorse the approach of Forrester’s Harley Manning, but there’s a range of opinion here that’s worth consideration.

In the News – A Wider View (3min)
Without wanting to overdo the coronavirus references, this is an excellent piece from TIME, that not only assesses the quality of leadership in the global response to the crisis, but seeks to explain the nature of this pandemic and our responses to it in a comprehensive historical context.