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Customer Experience News 194: New Research Reveals CX Leadership in the Crisis Economy and How Deep Listening Delivers Deeper Customer Insights

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New Research Reveals CX Leadership in a Crisis (4min)
A new research study by leading customer experience consultancy All Work Together, reveals how executive Marketing and CX leaders mobilised their employee teams to rapidly respond to the coronacrisis. Undertaken by Director of Strategy and Experience, Alex Allwood, Part 1 of the study examines how CMO’s, CCO’s & CXO’s kept their employees and customers physically and emotionally safe through delivering deep care, over-communication and human to human connection.

How Deep Listening Delivers Deeper Insights (3min)
Is your business really responding to your customers’ new needs? Are you truly customer-centric or is your CX program just ticking boxes in sales support or customer acquisition? Is your customer insights research sustaining a business-as-usual approach or supporting genuine innovation to build resilience in challenging times? The author of this article for the CustomerThink ‘Preparing CX for an uncertain future hub’ believes deep listening to customers is the only way businesses can stay ahead of rapid change and identify opportunities for growth.