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Customer Experience News 214: Mapping Customer Emotion, Are You a Servant Leader? and Fear and Loathing on the CX Trail

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Mapping Emotion in the Customer Journey (2-3min)
As a follow up to Alex’s recent article on Customer Journey Mapping, this week she takes a deep dive into mapping customer emotion and explores how to capture and visualise customers’ feelings during their experience. Alex says, “Across the customer journey, emotions act like a highlighter, emphasising the memorable aspects of an experience.”

Are You a Servant Leader? (2-3min)
This CustomerThink article argues that the principles of ‘servant leadership’, identified by Robert Greenleaf in 1970, can apply directly to how leaders help to create a culture of customer-centricity. The reality is however, that relatively few organisations are benefitting from this style of leadership. Instead, “… many enterprise leaders still believe in and practice a paradigm which depends on controlled communication and power rather than mutually beneficial agreements” An interesting perspective on customer-centric leadership.

Fear and Loathing on the CX Trail (2min)
Writing for Forbes, Adrian Swinscoe argues that CX progress is being held back by our irrational fears. Fear of hearing the customer’s truth, fear of falling revenues and fear of customers contacting us… as an aside, our pet hate is the absence of a contact number on a website. A quick read to reflect upon (and apologies to the late, great Hunter S. Thompson).