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Customer Experience News 223: Post-Covid Consumers, Customer Sentiment vs Emotion and CX the Tesla Way

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The Post-Covid Consumer (3min)
A great article written for CNBC by Wharton professor of marketing and psychology Deborah Small. During and post-Covid consumers have been exploring product and service alternatives in new ways. Small says, “We’ve been permanently changed by different experiences we had in the past year-plus.” But adds, based on what psychologists know about consumer behaviour, don’t assume these will become permanent.

Customer Sentiment vs Emotion Analytics (3min)
Professor V. Charles explains the difference between customer sentiment and emotion in the article for MyCustomer. Basically, “an emotion is an embodied response that occurs when we experience an event … and sentiment represents an emotional disposition that emerges from our emotions over time.” The learning; failing to respond to a customer’s emotional state can negatively impact their experience. An interesting read for Quickbite stalwarts.

CX the Tesla Way (2min)
Did you know that Tesla has an NPS of 96? Read about some of their CX best practices. Our fav, “For those customers who feel that a 50% battery charge in only 20 minutes is too slow, they can even exchange their car’s battery for a new, fully charged one in 90 seconds!”