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Customer Experience News #69 #GrowthHack 2, McKinsey, Customer Care and Foxtel Fail

Alex Allwood Customer Experience

Customer-Centric Growth Hack #2 (2-3min)
In the second of our Customer-Centric Growth Hacks Alex Allwood considers the notion of empathy, how this relates to customer experience and what it really means to walk a mile in your customer’s shoes.

McKinsey’s 5 Questions for CX Success (8-9min)
From understanding customer journeys, to the organisational challenges of creating a customer-centric business, this McKinsey article asks the five most important questions an organisation must answer to develop and implement a successful customer experience program. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Care (5-6min)
For any brand, the early adopters who find, buy and love you are ideally placed to become the Social Agents who will recommend your brand to their family, friends and peers. This article from Business2Community asks why so many companies, instead of nurturing these valuable customer relationships, decide to “screw their best customers”.

Winter Was Coming – Foxtel’s GOT Fail (2-3min)
Foxtel’s Monday night Game of Thrones tech fail will be hard to beat. Many subscribers were unable to view the opening episode of Season Seven after Foxtel experienced ‘technical issues’. Stay tuned to see what else, apart from an apology, the company will do for their now very unhappy customers.