The Quickbite

Customer Experience News #70 #GrowthHack 3, Suncorp, Customer Interviews and Urban Design

Alex Allwood Customer Experience

Customer-Centric Growth Hack #3 (2-3min)
In this week’s Customer-Centric Growth Hack Alex Allwood reflects on ‘purpose’ and how the most successful customer-centric companies like Airbnb use purpose to define their mission, their values and their customer experiences.

Suncorp Looks to the Future (5-6min)
In this excerpt from his CMO Momentum address, Suncorp’s Chief Customer Experience Officer Mark Reinke discusses his approach to delivering customer value and highlights the challenges in shifting a traditional, commoditised business to a more customer-centric, platform-based model.

Customer Interviews: Who, What and How? (2-3min)
Customer interviews are an essential tool for better understanding your customers and the interactions they have with your brand on their path to purchase. However, as this article in CustomerThink argues, there is much more to a successful customer interview than formulating the questions.

In the News (3-4min)
From SMH Business an interesting piece on how architect Mark Burry, founding director of the Smart Cities Institute, views the future of successful urban design – not as a result of collecting and analysing more and more data, but as a function of understanding and engaging with end users (i.e. customers) and involving them in the design process.