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Customer Experience News 91: Users not Buyers, Customer Engagement & Data and Loyalty

Alex Allwood Customer Experience, Customer Experience News, Customer Journey Mapping

This week we rolled up our sleeves & mastered Customer Journey Mapping in Sydney. Thanks to everyone for 100% energy; loved the enthusiasm & your trust in the process. Some photos from the event here. Next week  Melbourne!

How to Achieve Success in the Digital Age (5min)
HBR’s must-read report on a recent study into what makes brands successful in the digital age. The number one recommendation; engage customers more as users than buyers and focus more on post-purchase renewal and advocacy than pre-purchase promotion.

CMO Roundtable Report (4min)
From CMO this week, excerpts from a roundtable event where marketing and CX leaders met to discuss modern customer engagement, and the role played by data strategy, analytics and machine learning in meeting customer expectations.

In the News (2min)
Reported in the AFR this week, a recent market study shows consumer loyalty to mobile phone ecosystems and their mobile payment platforms is at an all-time high; to the extent that some customers are willing to change their bank rather than their phone.