Customer Experience News 92: Journey Mapping, Employee Engagement, Starbucks & CX Tech

Alex Allwood Customer Experience, Customer Journey Mapping, ENGAGEMENT, Starbucks

This week we journeyed south for our Customer Journey Mapping Workshop in Melbourne. Thanks to everyone who attended; there was a great energy in the room with lots of interaction, questions and contributions throughout the day. Well done! Some photos from the event can be found here.

Employee Engagement = CX Success (4min)
Delivering a successful customer experience program is dependent on creating an organization-wide focus on customer-centricity. In this CMO article, several Australian CX leaders share their insights and experiences around creating a customer-led culture.

Brave Decisions Put Customers First (2min)
Most organisations expect that customer-centric behaviour will be recognized, acknowledged and rewarded by their customers. What then of initiatives or decisions, such as this one by Starbucks, that customers may not even notice or that may have adverse, short term effects on the bottom line?

Is Better Tech the Answer? (2min)
Writing for Forbes, tech expert Joe McKendrick argues that improving customer experience is dependent on improving employee engagement and he offers some advice on how technology can be better used to assist in this process.