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Customer Experience News #68 #GrowthHack, Measuring Customer Engagement, Chatbots and Generation Z

Alex Allwood Customer Experience

Customer-Centric Growth Hacks (1-2min)
A new feature for our weekly newsletter will be a series of Customer-Centric Growth Hacks. Starting this week, Alex Allwood discusses how to identify painpoints in the customer journey.

Measuring Engagement Success (7-8min)
In this CMO article, Bain & Company’s lead of customer strategy for Australia, Katrina Bradley and Qualtrics MD, Bill McMurray talk customer experience metrics, how they are evolving and what it takes to successfully measure your customer experience efforts.

Chatbot? Maybe Not (7-8min)
From BBC Capital, an in-depth look at how artificial intelligence (AI) is influencing customer service automation. Using examples of the successful, and not so successful implementation of chatbot technologies, the article considers what the future might hold for machine to human interaction.

Generation Z is Coming (3-4min)
Forget millennials, Generation Z is fast approaching as the new frontier for customer experience. As this Guardian article explains, universities are already shaping to meet the challenge; using co-creation to redesign services that will meet the needs of this new generation.