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Customer Experience News 188: Forbes Ranks Top Corporate Responders, Shaping Remote Work and New World Impacts Profits & Growth

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Forbes Ranks Top Corporate Responders (4-5min)
Forbes has just released new research that ranks the 100 largest employers among US public companies based on how well they have responded to the crisis. Listed here are the top 25 with a snapshot of of the key policies they implemented from mid-March to May 7.

Shaping Remote Work for CX Success (3min)
With many companies committed to remote work, at least for the mid-term, this article from business2community shares four tactics for shaping the future of remote work that will help avoid employee burnout and fatigue; keeping your customers happy and your operations running smoothly.

New World Impacts Profits & Growth (3min)
This interesting piece from HBR looks at how COVID-19 has influenced consumer behaviour in categories where scale and density have traditionally been advantageous, suggesting that legacy strategies and business models predicated on these factors will require a radical rethink in the post-pandemic world.