Customer-Centric #GrowthHack: Agile Customer Doing

Alex Allwood #GrowthHack, agile leadership, Customer Experience, Customer-Centric

Agile leadership is a prerequisite for managing rapid shifts in customer expectations.

Typically, the first 100 days are critical in making a positive mark and creating sustainable, customer-centric change for the future.

After undertaking the first stage of the work to understand customers’ needs and experiences I always ask my clients, ‘What are your customer goals in the first 100 days?’

The term I coined for this work is Agile Customer Doing.

Agile leaders possesses qualities of team inclusiveness and community, coupled with a passion for innovation to make their customers’ world better.

What often happens after presenting the customer journey, is there’s a strong sense of anticipation and excitement which too often leads to a lack of momentum in the work that’s needed to make improvements in the customer’s experience.

At this stage the leadership team needs to hit the ground running; they are the change makers, and should not be missing this opportunity to capitalise on expectations of removing customer friction.

Agile customer doing in the first 100 days typically involves identifying the quick wins whilst you’re developing the customer experience strategy and prioritising the work.

Identifying Quick Wins?

Your quick wins lie at the intersection of customer and operational pain. As part of engaging the broader business you will have undertaken stakeholder conversations; what’s working and what not.

Combine these with your customer experience research insights and you have a powerful tool to demonstrate, and importantly communicate, the value of collaborative effort to make quick, positive change.