Customer Empathy makes Top 10 Must-Read Customer Experience Books

‘Customer Empathy’ Makes Top 10 Must-Read Customer Experience Books

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Thank you Lumoa for including my latest book, Customer Empathy, in your list of Top 10 Must-Read Customer Experience Books.

TOP 10 Must-Read Customer Experience Books:
1. Customer Experience 3
2. The Cult of the Customer
3. Chief Customer Officer 2.0
4. Transform Customer Experience
5. The Power of Customer Experience
6. Customer Understanding
7. Delivering Fantastic Customer Experience
8. Customer Empathy
9. The Guaranteed Customer Experience
10. The Four CX Pillars to Grow Your Business Now

About the Book

‘Customer Empathy: A radical intervention in customer experience management and design’

The customer empathy deficit in organisational culture is keeping customers at arm’s length. Data now represents customers that are out of view, who are seen as numbers on a spreadsheet and CX scores rather than human beings. Alex Allwood discusses how to change this status quo.

Global performance reports reflect current customer experience (CX) practices are failing organisations and their customers. Forrester’s CX Index showed again this year, that “81% of brand scores stagnated; most industry front-runners were repeats; many gains too minor to render them statistically significant.”

Applying customer empathy humanises current approaches to customer experience management and design. The ability to empathise enables us to see the customer’s world differently. Through understanding the customer’s perspective, feeling their experiences, we create meaningful connection and enrich decision making.

Alex Allwood’s latest book, Customer Empathy, discusses how to switch on, strengthen and scale Customer Empathy across your organisation to provide a new lens through which to see the customer’s world.

The book was written with the purpose of inspiring and empowering leaders with new possibilities and to provide teams with customer-centric frameworks, methods and tools. Alex demonstrates how to leverage the most under-utilised and powerful human resource in business today – Customer Empathy.

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