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Customer Experience News 108: Empathy, CX Measurement, Customer Cause & VA’s

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Empathy Inspired Decision Making (2min)
Alex Allwood writes this week on empathy and how customer empathy  can and should be incorporated into business decision making to benefit both customers and the bottom line.

Making Sense of CX Measurement (3min)
Gartner analyst Ed Thompson shares his thoughts on the often complex task of measuring CX – from traditional NPS and CSAT scoring to newer metrics such as Forsee’s Word of Mouth Index.

From Corporate Vision to Customer Cause (3min)
Customer alignment expert Amanda Forshew explains Customer Cause and argues a customer cause that connects customer, company and employee should be used to guide customer experience strategy.

Self-Service Customer Experience (2min)
From the SMH, an article on how Virtual Assistants, powered by artificial intelligence, are being utilised to deliver customers an ‘agile, seamless, self-service experience.’