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Customer Experience News 112: Measuring CX Success, Customer Journey Analytics & Employee Experience

Alex Allwood Customer Experience, Customer Experience News, CX, journey mapping

How to Measure CX Success (3min)
Using simple examples and a 5-step process, this article explains how data linkage can be utilised to evaluate the effectiveness of CX strategy and build a business case for future investment.

Journey Mapping Just the Beginning (3min)
This article argues that building a multi-dimensional CX program combining qualitative customer journey mapping (CJM) and quantitative customer journey analytics (CJA) is the key to optimising program performance and delivering 5-star customer experiences.

CX + EX = GX (3min)
In this post the author explains why employee experience is so critical to the successful implementation of customer experience initiatives, and gives five tips for driving the employee experience through your customer experience program.