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Customer Experience News 113: Innovation, Gartner Report & Online CX.

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Who Are We Really Innovating For? (2min)
Writing for Oracle’s SmarterCX, Alex Alwood argues that inward looking innovation is a thing of the past and the key to adding real and sustained value in the future must come from customer-led innovation.

Gartner’s 5-Stage CX Framework (3min)
According to a new report from Gartner, many companies are still confusing brand experience with customer experience. To solve this problem Gartner suggests that companies view their CX framework as a 5-stage pyramid and aim to exceed customer expectations at every stage.

How to Make or Break Your Online CX (2min)
From a recent study of nearly 7,000 Salesforce customers, Head of Marketing Insights Mathew Sweezey identifies the four factors that he believes can make or break your online customer experience.