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Customer Experience News 124: PayPal, Facebook Messenger, CSat & Great CX

Alex Allwood ALEX ALLWOOD, Customer Experience, Customer Experience News, CX

How PayPal Champions its Customers (3-9min)
In this McKinsey interview, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman, explains how putting the needs of customers ahead of certain business priorities has paid dividends, not only for PayPal’s customers but also for the company’s employees and the business itself.

The Why & How of Facebook Chatbots (3-4min)
Facebook’s Messenger is home to 300,000 customer service, sales and marketing chatbots. This article explains the benefits of using chatbots to interact with customers and gives examples of how brands as diverse as Sephora, Wall Street Journal and Mastercard are utilising the technology.

Making Sense of CSat CX Data (2min)
This HBR article argues that companies with multiple locations should  be adjusting customer satisfaction scores using the ‘equitable scorecard’ process to eliminate environmental and uncontrollable factors that may be negatively impacting results.

In the News – Delivering a Great Experience (2min)
If this isn’t the most impressive customer experience effort ever it must come close!