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Customer Experience News 130: Humanising CX Feedback, Contagious Kindness & Top 10 Business Books

Alex Allwood ALEX ALLWOOD, Customer Experience, Customer-Centric Hack

Customer-Centric Hack: Humanising CX Feedback (2min)
In this week’s post Alex Allwood looks at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of online customer experience feedback surveys and argues for a more human approach to collecting customer feedback data.

How ‘Contagious Kindness’ Can Work for Business (3min)
An insightful case study from Mercedes-Benz USA on the powerful, positive effects of kindness and how employees can be inspired to do extraordinary things for customers when given ‘permission to rise to the occasion when the occasion to do something arises.’

Air Travel Re-imagined (2min)
Presented at a recent Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) conference was futurist Devin Liddell’s theoretical startup airline with some radical, customer-led ideas for disrupting future air travel.

Top 10 Business Books for 2018 (3min)
Just in time for Christmas, customer experience expert Shep Hyken lists his top ten business books for the year. A mix of CX and general business titles from authors such as Jean Bliss, Jason Bradshaw, Jay Baer and Tien Tzuo.  In short, something for everyone.