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Customer Experience News 140: Purpose, Customer-Centricity, Retention & Best CX Quotes

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CX Insight – What is the Purpose of My Work? (1min)
Inspired by a recent article featured in the New York Times Magazine, Alex Allwood reflects on the purpose of work and how customer-led purpose can reinvigorate how employees think, feel and act. 

How Customer-Centric  is Your Company?(2-3min)
CX professional Annette Franz argues customer understanding is the cornerstone of customer-centricity and lists the key indicators of a truly customer-centric company.

9 Customer Retention Lessons From Carsales(2-3min)
Former CCO of Carsales, Vladka Kazda, shares her customer retention transformation efforts and the key lessons she learned about using customer data and automation to personalise member experiences.

101 Best Customer Experience Quotes(2min)
Everyone loves a list, and if you have the time, CX futurist Blake Morgan has compiled her list of the 101 Best Customer Experience Quotes for Forbes.