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Customer Experience News 143: Customer Listening, CX Visionary, Customer-Led Design and Experience Innovation

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CX Insight – The Power of 360 Customer Listening  (1 min)
In this week’s CX Insight, Alex Allwood discusses the concept of 360 Listening and the value of one-on-one, in-depth customer conversations in connecting customer and culture across your business.  
Emily Chang – Customer Experience Visionary (2min)
Emily Chang, SVP of Marketing for Starbucks, talks to Qualtrics about her ‘constant curiosity’ and how this attribute has shaped an incredibly successful career with some of the world’s most customer-centric companies. 
How Allianz Built a Customer-Led Start-Up (1-2min)
At Forrester’s Annual CX event in Sydney, Allianz head of product and customer experience, Jacqui Lennon, shared five key insights into managing customer-led product design and the challenges of building a start-up from within the business.
Experience Innovation the New Frontier  (3 min)
Gartner is predicting that this year, 50% of organisations will redirect their investments into customer experience innovation, this article profiles three businesses that have successfully navigated the transition from product to experience innovation.