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Customer Experience News 144: Airbnb Disruption, CX Benchmark Report, Grow Your CX Budget & McKinsey on Omnichannel Experience

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How Airbnb Disrupted Itself (2 min)
Despite phenomenal early success, Airbnb decided in 2011 to utilise customer journey mapping and design thinking to change its entire product strategy. In this Forbes interview, one of Alex’s favourites, Rebecca Sinclair, then Head of User Experience Research and Design at Airbnb explains how the process worked.  
CX Research Reveals Strategy Shortcomings (2min)
Dimension Data’s 2019 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Reportreveals a widespread disconnect between CX ambitions and capabilities. Rob Allman, Dimension Data’s Senior VP, CX shares some key insights from the report and how businesses can close the gap. 
How to Grow Your CX Budget & Make it Work (1-2min)
This article from RetailBiz lists the four steps to you should be taking to secure increased CX funding from the C-Suite, and how to prioritise investment in your customer experience program to deliver tangible business results.
McKinsey on Optimising Omnichannel Experience (5min)
This in-depth article from McKinsey argues that to keep pace with industry leaders such as Amazon, companies must embark on omnichannel transformation – where touchpoints are not viewed in isolation but rather, as part of a ‘seamless customer journey.’