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Customer Experience News 157: Customer Hell!, Sephora Rewards, Storytelling in CX Conversation, Latest Employee & CSAT Research

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Customer Hell
My Husband’s Customer Hell! (3min)
We’ve all been there, trying to make sense of a retail energy plan when the only thing you know for sure is that you’re likely to be worse off, and the only question is by how much. Alex Allwood relates a recent experience of customer hell close to home and shares her thoughts on the lessons to be learnt.
Sephora Finds ‘Emotional Loyalty’ Rewarding (7-8min)
In this interview, Sephora’s vice-president of loyalty explains how company-wide collaboration and listening to customer feedback has transformed the company’s rewards program from transactional to interactive and experiential, and why a focus on ’emotional loyalty’ is critical to its future success.    
Stories Key to Customer Experience Conversation (3min)
One of the biggest challenges facing CX professionals is how to engage people from across the business in the customer experience conversation. At Canadian company TELUS, they have identified three surefire ways to talk about customer experience so that people will want to listen.      
Research Rates Employee/Customer Satisfaction (3min)
A new research report combines Glassdoor employee reviews and ratings from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) to study the connection between employee and customer satisfaction and the impact this has on business performance. The report’s authors share their methodology and key findings in this article for HBR.