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Customer Experience News 168: Big Brother’s Secret Consumer Scores, Shopify Goes Green, Finding the ‘Why’, & Saving CX Management

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Big Brother’s Secret Consumer Scores (3min)
From the New York Times, a fascinating article on companies that track consumers’ personal data and generate ‘secret surveillance scores’ for their clients. Requesting his file from Sift, whose scoring system rates consumer trustworthiness for companies like Airbnb, the author was shocked to find the report ran for over 400 pages. 
Shopify Celebrates 1 Million Customers (2-3min)
To celebrate the company’s one million customer milestone, Shopify co-founder and CEO Tobi Lütke has pledged to donate 1,000,001 trees – doubling down on an earlier pledge of CAD$6.6 million annually to support a Shopify Sustainability Fund. Click through to find out why one million + one.
Finding the ‘Why’ That Unifies (5-6min)
An in-depth article from human-centred design powerhouse IDEO, on how to create ‘nested purpose’ – crafting a purpose statement that engages, aligns and inspires leadership teams and employees across multiple businesses in a conglomerate organisation.         
Saving Customer Experience Management (2-3min)
In light of recent Forrester research pointing to widespread stagnation in the CX industry, this is one take on what might be done to ‘rescue’ CX management and improve returns on CX investment. The author argues the idea of a ‘customer success mindset’ is not enough to save CX and that customer success should instead be at the centre of business.