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Customer Experience News 185: CPI’s The New Customer-Centric Metric, Post Pandemic Predictions and Reopening: The Retail Marketing Challenge

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The New Customer-Centric Metric (3min)
This thought-provoking article from HBR argues that traditional metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) do little beyond contributing to company-centric KPI’s. The alternative, as both a lever for, and predictor of, growth is to measure how well the company is performing for its customers using Customer Performance Indicators (CPI’s). The author uses real-world examples to show how business functions that directly or indirectly touch customers can use CPI’s to measure performance against customer expectation.

Post-Pandemic Predictions (4min)
Looking to the future, FastCompany talks to thirty top experts from the worlds of tech, venture capital, communications and analytics to get their views on the lasting impacts of the pandemic and how these will forever change the ways we live, work and think.

Reopening: the Retail Marketing Challenge (2min)
With many businesses on the road to reopening, author of ‘The Experience Economy’ Joe Pine and publisher of the Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, Robert Passikoff, share their thoughts on how retailers in particular, should approach the task of ‘re-marketing’ for growth in 2020.