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Customer Experience News 187: New Consumer Sentiment Research, ‘New-Normal’ Customer Personas and Mapping Emotional Journeys

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New Consumer Sentiment Research (4-5min)
The first in a series of monthly posts by BCG highlighting the changes in Australian consumer sentiment; attitudes, perceptions and behaviours, brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Snapshot #1 focuses on spending behaviour, digital trends and brand trust and includes suggestions as to how companies should respond to the findings.

Customer Sentiment

Understanding the ‘New-Normal’ Customer (4min)
This article argues that successful companies in the post-pandemic world must revisit the definition of their target customer, understand how their customer personas may have changed and evaluate the compatibility of the new-normal customer with the company’s value – using this understanding as the first step towards rebuilding customer relations, value and revenue.

How to Map Emotional Journeys(3min)
More than ever, in this ‘new world’ of heightened emotion, organisations need to understand the critical part emotion plays in the customer journey. This article explains why customer emotions are so important, how to measure emotion in CX and how to map the emotional journey of your customer experience.