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Customer Experience News 197: Customer Needs the New Normal, Empathy Key to Enhanced CX and The Fake Review Epidemic

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Needs Not Wants the New Normal (3min)
Responding to findings from McKinsey’s US Consumer Sentiment surveys, senior partner Kelly Ungerman shares four essential CX practices that will help retailers and other businesses frame their short-term responses to changing consumer behaviour and better prepare them to meet new customer needs in the post-COVID-19 world.

Empathy the Key to Enhanced CX (3min)
Innovator and digital agency heavyweight Sebastian Jespersen explains why he considers empathy to be the most important element of a pandemic-proof customer experience strategy and shares his thoughts on how brands can become more empathetic and close the customer centricity gap.

Battling the Fake Review Epidemic (2-3min)
As the pandemic-inspired boom in online shopping continues apace, addresses the growing problem of fake customer reviews and the trading of fake reviews on platforms such as Facebook. To avoid the potential pitfalls there’s also some expert advice on best practice for brands using customer reviews.