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Customer Experience News 200: World’s Best Case for Customer-Centric Growth, New Empathy Research and CX Top 50 Leading with Culture

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World’s Best Case for Customer-Centric Growth (2-3min)
In this week’s opinion piece, Alex Allwood takes on the CX sceptics with a little help from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who recently delivered a statement to the US House Committee on the Judiciary explaining how a single-minded obsession with customer centricity has been fundamental to the company’s success.

New Research Makes the Case for Empathy (3min)
In this Forbes article Adrian Swinscoe identifies some of the key take outs from a Genesys consumer survey into Personalization & Empathy in Customer Experience and argues that now more than ever, an organisation’s ability to deliver great experiences is dependent on their ability to be empathetic towards their customers.

CX50 Leading with Culture (3min)
A selection of the UK’s top 50 CX practitioners for 2020 joined Marketing Week for a roundtable discussion on how they coped with extended lockdowns and how they have managed their brands, their employees and their customers through the crisis.