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Customer Experience News 203: Culture: Lego & GSK on Customer Centricity, Loyalty: A New World of Customer Loyalty? and Supply Chain: Speed & Flexibility the Key

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Culture: Lego & GSK Talk Customer Centricity (2min)
Who owns customer centricity? CMO’s from Lego and GSK discuss how customer centricity is informing agile and responsive organisational behaviour, how they are moving from products to brand experiences and where CX efforts will be focused in the future. Of interest, is how both brands are connecting big data with customer truths through listening and learning about their customers’ lives.

Loyalty: A New World of Customer Loyalty? (5-15min)
Wharton’s new study of customer loyalty reveals customers are increasingly dissatisfied with their retail experiences; especially during the pandemic. The report takes a deep dive into changing expectations, the shift to shopping online and decreasing customer loyalty. The study shows retailers are not delivering the CX basics such as: product range, responsive technology, service and returns policy. The learning here for CX leaders is that loyalty programs will not compensate for poor service or substandard product.

Supply Chain: Speed & Flexibility the Key (2min)
Customers expect their orders to arrive on time – an interruption in supply chain can have significant consequences. The winners during the pandemic moved their products from geographically distributed stores to centralised warehouses for online orders. L’Oreal, Diesel and Skechers explain how they moved billions of products seamlessly using omnichannel strategy, cloud solutions and employing both man and machine.