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Customer Experience News 210: CX Leadership, CX Trends for 2021 and Joe Pine on the Evolution of Experience

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CX Leadership – Until We Meet Again (3min)
What a year! Looking ahead Alex asks, “… will the positive momentum turn into a movement that’s sustained or will we simply slip back into our internalised business thinking and ways of working? In her article, the last for this year, Alex discusses 3 opportunities that will impact future CX management performance.

CX 2021 – Opinion Leaders Share CX Forecasts (3min)
A good read from My Customer, profiling 12 CX Leaders and their opinions and predictions for 2021. The article nominates a few forecasts that we wholeheartedly agree with, such as a ‘back to basics’ approach to CX Management, infusing empathy and humanity into organisational culture and evolving VoC programs past the scores to listening to customers!

CX Folk – Joe Pine on the Evolution of Experience (2min)
Legendary thought leaders Pine and Gilmore are first generation CX thinkers (check out TEDX). In this article Joe Pine looks at the new model for hybrid experiences. He notes that the approach “… can be especially effective for business conferences or huge consumer experiences such as sporting events, festivals, concerts, and other types of large gatherings.” It’s time to rethink the Wow!