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Customer Experience News 78: McKinsey, Customer vs Product and CX Success

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Journey Mapping Workshop – Sydney You Nailed It!
We hit the ground running and took a deep dive into customer understanding at last week’s Customer Journey Mapping workshop in Sydney. Great energy and a collaborative effort from everyone … lots of aha! moments.

McKinsey Links Customer and Culture (5-6min)
McKinsey’s recent survey of global executives has identified shortcomings in organisational culture as the main impediment to future business success. Siloed structures, risk aversion and most importantly the ‘failure to form a single view of customer’ are all seen as critical weaknesses in the digital age.

Customer Centric or Product Centric? (3-4min)
And can a company be both? To answer the question, CX expert Vivek Jaiswal looks at how organisations such as Apple, Southwest Airlines and Canon have managed the customer vs product approach to business..

Keys to CX Success (2-3min)
This CMO article reports on a recent ADMA conference panellists discussed how organisations can combine customer connection, data insights and market intelligence to improve their CX programs and deliver better customer experiences.