Customer Experience News 95: McKinsey, Macy’s, Empathy and Lenovo

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McKinsey – Leading the Charge on CX Transformation (5min)
From McKinsey this week an in-depth article on the need for ownership of customer journeys and cross-functional collaboration to achieve successful CX transformation. The authors argue, that because Customer Care has responsibility for so many touchpoints across the customer journey, that it is the function best suited to ‘lead the charge’ in mapping journeys and translating customer insights into action across the business.

Macy’s Becomes ‘The Experience Business’ (2min)
A lesson here for Australia’s department stores? Macy’s CEO Jeff Gennette explains why the retailer undertook a ‘forensic mapping of the customer’s journey’ in 2017 and how this now translates into  customer experience action.

Empathy the Key to Human-Centred Selling (3min)
Sue Barrett, author of the 12 Sales Trends for 2018 report, examines in detail the trend towards human-centred selling. Barrett identifies empathy as a critical factor in designing customer experiences that move beyond the purely transactional.

Lenovo’s Customer-Led Culture (3min)
In this interview with CMO, David Roman, the global CMO of PC manufacturer Lenovo, shares his insights into how and why the business is determined to change its traditional focus from being product-led to customer-led.