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Customer Experience News 96: Alex Allwood in CMO, Amazon’s No.1 & Bendigo Bank

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CX Disruption a Bitter Pill for Healthcare (3min)
Writing for CMO this week, Alex Allwood discusses the potential for customer experience-led disruption in the healthcare sector. With private health insurance premiums set to rise yet again from April 1, Alex looks at how the big four global disruptors: Amazon, Apple, Google and Uber are already positioning themselves to enter the lucrative healthcare market.

Another First For Amazon (5min)
Amazon, the ‘world’s most customer-centric company’ now employs over 566,000 people in the US alone and recently took the No. 1 spot on LinkedIn’s 2018 list of the top companies (to work at) in the US. In this in-depth article, LinkedIn’s Editor at Large George Anders, goes deep inside Amazon to find out exactly why the company is the most sought-after employer in the US.

Bendigo Keeps Banking on Customer (2min)
With the big four banks in the Royal Commission’s sights for all the wrong reasons, Australia’s fifth largest retail bank, Bendigo and Adelaide, is maintaining its customer-led focus with Chief Customer Officer Marnie Baker set to become the company’s next MD.