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Learn-by-Doing: Customer Journey Mapping

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If you’re like me you learn a lot faster by doing! That’s why I’ve designed my Customer Journey Mapping workshops as an interactive learning experience – so you’re developing skills by thinking, feeling and doing.

In the workshop you will learn-by-doing how to identify your customers’ unmet needs; their frustrations, service gaps and what they value when interacting with your business.

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Alex Allwood’s small group workshops are a learn-by-doing experience.

1-day intensive workshop: 8am to 6pm. Morning, afternoon tea and lunch provided.    

Workshops are perfect for:
This 1-day intensive workshop is ideal for cx, marketing, sales, customer service, IT professionals and business owners who are looking to develop their customer experience capabilities.

You will learn:
How to improve customer experiences by identifying customers’ unmet needs, painpoints, gaps, moments of truth and opportunities in their interaction with your organisation.

  • Designing your interview guide to ask the right questions
  • Fundamentals on how to undertake customer interviews
  • How to synthesize insights to define customer experience problems
  • Empathy mapping to create customer personas
  • Identify and map an end-to-end customer journey
  • How to communicate findings to get stakeholder buy-in

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By day’s end you will understand how to undertake customer interviews and synthesize insights, empathy map to create personas and map an end-to-end customer journey to improve the design and delivery of brand touchpoints, products and services.

You’ll find this workshop format delivers deep understanding, confidence and the skills to engage stakeholders across the business to turn your goals into customer-centric actions.

About Alex Allwood
Alex Allwood is a consultant, author and speaker on customer experience. Empowering Customer-Centric Growth™ is based on the idea of ‘what is great for customers is great for business’.

With over 20 years’ experience in customer-led growth, Alex’s expertise stretches across B2B & B2C and includes work in the finance, retail, health, communications and not-for-profit sectors.

Alex’s professional speaking, writing and consulting are designed to foster a culture of customer centricity, build customer experience capability and help transform customer experiences.

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