Customer Experience News 100: CX Leadership, EI, Citi and McKinsey

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5 Essential Qualities of a Customer-Centric Leader  (3min)

To introduce our 100th Quickbite this week Alex Allwood outlines the top five qualities business leaders will need to deliver customer-led transformation.

Emotional Intelligence the Key to Empathy (3min)
Empathy is an essential quality for understanding, designing and delivering great customer experience. Empathy is also an indicator of emotional intelligence (EI) and this fascinating article from World Economic Forum takes a deep dive into EI, explaining what it is and why you need it.

Citi’s CX Transformation (3min)
An in-depth CMO interview with Tanya Smith, head of global customer experience at Citi on her approach to customer-led organizational transformation. Smith’s aim is simple, to ensure Citi customers have a ‘positive emotional response’ every time they interact with the bank.

Take Another Bite … (6min)
Our most popular Quickbite article over the past 99 issues is this Executive Briefing from McKinsey on how CX leaders are using customer experience to transform their organisations and create sustainable competitive advantage. Nearly two years on, this article is a must read guide for any CEO, CMO or CX program lead looking to differentiate around customer.