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Customer Experience News 103: CX Vision & Principles, Nike, Culture & Bright Ideas

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Developing a Customer Experience Vision & Principles (3min)
Alex Allwood writes on the importance of developing a CX vision and principles as part of your customer experience strategy to inspire, unite and educate people across your business on creating a distinctive and valuable one-company experience.  Alex’s article includes 10 guidelines for developing your CX vision.

Nike – Where Customer Experience is the Brand (4min)
In this article for HBR, Anthony Kocheilas, MD Strategy for Ogilvy Worldwide, argues that a brand’s success in today’s marketplace no longer depends on how the brand is positioned but more importantly on how consumers experience the brand. Using Nike as a case in point he illustrates how customer experience has become the brand.

Big Banks Fail to Connect Customer and Culture (2min)
This opinion piece from B2C Chris Brown from MarketCulture argues that at the heart of the problems being exposed by the banking royal commission is a failure by the banks to embed a customer-first culture in every part and at every level of their business, and a failure to understand the essential rule of CX, ‘what’s best for the customer is best for the business’.

Bright Ideas for CX Improvement (2min)
Using excerpts from the Experience This! podcast this Forbes article demonstrates of how small experience improvements to address customer pain points can also provide practical and inexpensive, ‘surprise and delight’ moments.