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Customer Experience News 114: Mapping Methods, Service Design & MVCs

Alex Allwood ALEX ALLWOOD, Customer Experience, Customer Experience News, DESIGN THINKING, MAPPING

Mapping Methods Cheat Sheet (4-5min)
From late last year but nevertheless an excellent article comparing the four most commonly used mapping types, (empathy mapping, customer journey mapping, experience mapping and service blueprinting), including an overview of each, their defining characteristics and when to use which.

Triple A Service Design (2min)
Disruptive businesses like Amazon, Airbnb and Asos invest heavily in service design to continually evolve their customer experience. This article from lists 15 principles for getting service design right as illustrated by these and other high performance customer experience companies.

Adapting ‘THE’ Design Process (2min)
Still on design, this article in argues there is no single, one size fits all ‘design process’ and instead outlines the eight core design abilities the teaches students to help them adapt their approach to suit the specific requirements of each new design project.

Who is Your Most Valuable Customer? (2-3min)
Analysing the myths and realities of your most valuable customers, this article argues customer-centricity is the key to identifying and understanding MVCs and that forward thinking organisations are now utilising new metrics to measure customer value based on potential profitability instead of revenue.